MEGA-SENA: O prêmio alcança R$ 76 MILHÕES.

I seems that the main prize from Mega-sena doesn’t want to leave anyone in the country. People who played the lottery and didn’t manage to hit the drawn numbers will have another chance to win an impressive prize this week.

Caixa Econômica Federal [] held the newest draw of the Mega-sena, from the 2682 contest, last Saturday (27), but no one was able to guess all the numbers that came out of the globe.

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The main prize was estimated at R$ 65 million in the contest, but the value rose to R$ 76 million since no one got it right. The next draw of the most famous lottery in the country will take place on Tuesday (30), so people still have a few days to bet on the game. Check out the numbers drawn in the 2681 contest, held on Saturday (27):

10 – 20 – 30 – 42 – 47 – 53

Caixa revealed that 73 bets came very close and guessed five numbers. Each of these games won R$ 61,715.90. Another 5,852 games guessed four numbers and will receive R$ 1,099.80 each.

### Como Jogar Mega-sena Sem Sair de Casa?

Those who are interested in testing their luck in the next Mega-sena draw, from the 2682 contest, can go to any Caixa lottery agency to place their bets. However, if people prefer to play without leaving home, they can go to the Caixa website or download the lottery app to place their bets.

### Aposta Mínima da Mega-sena custa R$ 5,00

People who want to bet online must register to enter the number of a credit card, with which they will make the payment for the game. In addition, it is worth noting that the minimum value of the bets is R$ 30, as it is not possible to place a lower value bet. That way, it is not always positive for people to place games online. This is because in lottery houses, bettors can only make a simple game, but this is not possible through the Caixa lottery app or the bank’s own website.

Apostas podem ser feitas pela internet, mas valor mínimo dos jogos é de R$ 30. Image: Divulgação.

### Veja como aumentar as chances de acerto

The minimum bet for Mega-sena costs R$ 5.00, but players can choose up to 20 tens in a single ticket. In this case, the value of the game is 38,760 times more expensive than the minimum bet, costing R$ 193,800.00. Is everyone willing to pay this amount for a bet on Mega-sena?

The lottery odds may vary. Making games with 20 tens on the same ticket doesn’t guarantee a better chance of hitting the numbers. The “value × odds” equation needs to be taken into account.

In summary, players can increase their chances of getting it right by choosing more tens on the same ticket, but the value of the games takes off with each new number. Therefore, people need to think carefully before choosing many tens to play, as the value of the games reaches thousands of reais. In addition, they can follow other tips that can help increase their chances of winning the Mega-sena. See some of them:

– Regularity of bets is a good strategy to increase the chances of hitting;
– Choosing diverse numbers, avoiding numerical sequences, may be a good strategy;
– Players may bet in group bets to increase the chances of winning the main prize.

By way of comparison, a single bet on Mega-sena, with six numbers, gives a chance of hitting in more than 50 million. A bet made with 20 tens on the same ticket, the maximum number of numbers per ticket, gives a chance of hitting at 1,292. It is also important not to despair and to continue trying to win the prizes offered by Mega-sena, as there are various prize ranges. Players should bet responsibly, without compromising family income and aware that there is no guarantee of victory, even by choosing the best possible numbers.

### Quanto rendem R$ 76 milhões na poupança?

To be sure, savings have a yield of 6% per year plus the Referential Rate, which is directly related to Selic – a benchmark interest rate in Brazil. This calculation is made to know the yield of the Mega-sena prize in savings.

In summary, if Mega-sena contest 2682 has only one winner of the main prize and this person chooses to leave R$ 76 million in savings, the yield in the first month would be almost R$ 448,000. Also, this amount is already tax free.

Para que o hábito de jogar na Mega-sena não vire um problema, é importante jogar sem exageros. A atração por apostas que oferecem prêmios milionários pode ser prejudicial financeiramente se não houver equilíbrio. Grandeza financeira não pode se sobrepor à saúde mental.

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